Sunday, January 21, 2007

Will google take the bait and enter the infinite loop?

I am getting increasingly similar reults for most of my query's on google. The first result is invariably from wikipedia. The other results contain links to delicious and other bokmarking sites like flickr. If the trend continues google will end up as a useless tool.Instead of going to google we could as well use a page with links to these sites instead.

The reason for these results is unintentional google bombing(what i like to call klogging as it is not an attempt to design improper results.). You can look at the response of google about the word failure which was google bombed and popularised.If google is as unconcerned as it seems in their response, it is high time they did something about it.

That is just the begining of the troubles for search engines. I am doing an experiment to see if google bombing can be used to create loops to search engines. By loops i mean to say that "You search for the word 'googleoop' on google and it returns a list of results which are linked to search results from search engines like live search, yahoo, google itself". The original post about google loop is at my coop search blog.

To define "klogging"-a phenomenon in which a large number of web sites link to the same source such as an encyclopedia or bookmarking service, which may result in the search engine results being redundant to a large extent among other effects of link logging or klogging.

By redundant i mean to say that a result which returns results with links to a website, but with no description of content but rather a description of the website. For example you get links to delicious, flickr etc.. but no description of the content but rather a description of the website-"Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and ..."

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why klog??

For those who don't know what a klog is take a look at

Ok so i have got a list of site with content related a particular word. Why should i link it from my site to that list of links??

If you are using a Google CSE to list your list of site, you can provide links to drive users to your CSE. If you are using, it provides a single point of "Context" specific data on that word or topic.

Still not convinced!

As people keep propounding every now and then, people are Lazy. So it would serve them well if they were given context specific data linked to related site. Yes they could just as well copy and paste that text in a search box, but we are assuming they are the lazy kind, he he...

So is it the end of the search box, may be yes may be no...Yes if users are satisfied with the kind of context specific data your list of links offers. No if they want better results.

Monday, November 13, 2006

What's a klog?

Klog is short form for "Link log". In simple its a log of the links you have. It may either be your tags or your own Google customized search engine. It is different from a simple link log in that it is not listed separately as list of links but it links in from words appearing on your site/blog.